Comprehensive Nanny Course Module Two




Nannies are trusted with the care and well-being as well as the safety, health, hygiene, nutrition, development, and learning of children. The Nanny Plus training helps arm nannies with knowledge about childproofing, emergency procedures, first aid, and CPR which enables them to handle potential hazards or emergencies effectively.

In addition, the course offers knowledge of a child of developmental stages; fostering cognitive, language, emotional, social, and physical development through the provision of age-appropriate activities that stimulate children’s growth and learning.

Nannies often play a crucial role in a child’s language and social development, behavioural management techniques, nutrition, hygiene, health-related matters, needs of school-age children and children with a disability, professionalism, and ethics, whilst keeping up-to-date with the latest childcare practices, safety standards, and educational approaches.