The Early Childhood Montessori Course for Babies and Tots (ECMC & BT) is ideally suited for individuals who are:

  • aspiring infant educators
  • seeking to enhance their teaching skills effectively
  • daycare owners aiming to confidently meet industry standards
  • parents looking to gain Montessori insights
  • and those interested in transitioning into careers in childcare.


1 Month

Welcome to our Early Childhood Montessori Course for Babies and Tots (ECMC & BT), designed for educators passionate about guiding infants and toddlers through their crucial developmental years.


Our comprehensive program delves into the Montessori Method of Education tailored specifically for children from birth to 3 years old. With a focus on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework and infant and toddler developmental milestones, participants gain invaluable insights into holistic education, nurturing healthy relationships, and fostering pre-social behavior from infancy onwards. This course is proudly delivered and certified by Chelis School Consultancy and Development Center Ltd.

Course Focus

  • Gain a detailed understanding of the Montessori Method of education and its application to children aged birth to 3 years.
  • Explore Maria Montessori’s educational principles to inform teaching practices.
  • Deep dive into developmental milestones for babies and tots.
  • Prepare for roles as teachers or managers in daycare settings.
  • Develop skills to create enriching learning environments for young children.
  • Learn the nuances of the teaching/learning process and its practical application.
  • Design comprehensive curricula tailored to the needs of infants and toddlers.
  • Appreciate and utilize teaching aids developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.
  • Understand the significance of the Montessori-prepared environment and the role of teachers within it.

Course Content

Course Code Course Title Hours
ECMC 101
Early Childhood Overview
ECMC 102
Montessori Practical Life Exercises
ECMC 103
Montessori Education of the Senses
ECMC 104
Montessori Language and Literacy Skills
ECMC 105
Montessori Numeracy Development
ECMC 106
Montessori Little Nature Explorers