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Jolly Grammar Level 3 course

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About Course

This course follows on from the Jolly Grammar levels 1 & 2 course. The course will teach:

  • How to distinguish between a phrase and a sentence.
  • How to identify the subject and object of a sentence.
  • How to organize sentences into paragraphs.
  • How to form the continuous tenses.
  • New parts of speech will be introduced namely: collective nouns, irregular plurals, possessive nouns and object pronouns.
  • There will regular parsing practice with the aim of building dictionary skills, improving vocabulary and reinforcing grammar knowledge.

What Will You Learn?

  • Long place names as Nouns.
  • Collective Nouns.
  • More irregular plurals, including nouns.
  • Possessive pronouns.
  • Subject and Object of a sentence.
  • Subject Pronouns and Object Pronouns.
  • Present Participle.
  • Nouns acting as Adjectives.
  • Turning Adjectives into Adverbs.
  • Prepositions functioning as Adverbs.
  • Refining the definition of a Sentence.
  • Introducing a phrase.
  • Distinguishing between a sentence and a phrase.
  • Introduction to paragraphs to organize thoughts and text.

Course Content


  • Introduction

Background, Course Coverage, Methodology & Revision

Proper Nouns, Place Names

Common Nouns – Collective Nouns

Pronouns, Grammatical Persons Revision

Possessive Pronouns

Subject & Object Pronouns

Verbs – Continuous Tenses

Verb to be

Adjectives – Making Adjectives with Suffixes

Nouns Acting as Adjectives

Proper Adjectives

Adverbs – Turning Adjectives into Adverbs



Irregular Plurals



Subject and Object of a Sentence



Student Ratings & Reviews

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15 Ratings
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9 months ago
Dr Tina did an excellent job of making the material engaging, keeping everyone in the room on point, and using both real-world examples and useful metaphors to appropriately convey the material.
9 months ago
Dr Tina is an amazing instructor!
9 months ago
Excellent delivery and use of examples and exercises to keep the class engaged.
9 months ago
I’m very pleased with Dr Tina’s expertise as a mother and teacher. She clearly knows the material and cares about her audience.
9 months ago
Dr Tina did very well in explaining the reasoning behind why children do things. That’s going to be super helpful on the job!
9 months ago
I thought the course was fantastic – it covered everything from the basics that was helpful to review and advanced items I had never seen before! Loved it!
9 months ago
Dr Tina was great at delivering the materials and gave good real-world examples of concepts. She made it a very enjoyable class and never made anyone feel bad about not knowing the correct answer which was very appreciated.
9 months ago
Delivery was excellent. The consistent practical applications of the concept made it a really effective delivery method.
9 months ago
Dr Tina’s delivery was great and she made sure to take time to answer all our questions over the week. More importantly, she was able to give tangible examples and tie them to the worksheets based on her own experiences.
9 months ago
The course was great! Really kept us intrigued in the content and explained things in a way that was easy to digest.
1 year ago
I'm very satisfied about this course. The structure is well planned, so students can learn easily by following instructions. We learned to read, write, watch, listen and comment to others. I strongly recommend you to join CSCDC to have some fun while learning English!
1 year ago
This course was extremely interesting and fun!. I loved it! Lots of quizzes and it was at my level. I would like more courses like this.
1 year ago
The level of the course was right for me. It was very interesting to learn. Its content was awesome. It is one of my most favourite.
1 year ago
Amazing course, thank you for your efforts 💐
1 year ago
It was outstanding Yes it was great and I have learned a lot I hope I can continue and it will change my career
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