This course is designed to give you the foundation to become a professional PHP developer in a XAMPP environment with exercises and projects. You’ll learn the syntax of PHP, form processing, including functions, arrays, classes, operators, database integration, and more.


1 Month

Back End Web development is the process of creating, configuring, administrating, and maintaining websites. It involves a variety of tasks including coding, and testing web pages and applications.

 A course in Back end web development typically involves the use of programming languages PHP. It may also include instruction in web development frameworks, such as vue js, React js, Angular js, etc. as well as database management and server-side scripting such as MySQL, etc.

Target Audience

The course may also include hands-on projects, group work, and individual assignments to give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned

Course Content

  • What is PHP?
  • Setup Code Editor (VS Code)
  • Xampp – Installing and Setup
  • PHP Syntax
  • PHP Echo and Print
  • PHP Comment
  • Embedding PHP in HTML
  • Our First PHP Page
  • Introduction to MYSQL
  • Introduction to phpmyadmin
  • Variable and Constant
  • Data Types
  • Arrays and Various Types of Array
  • if.. elseif … else Statements
  • Comparison and Logical Operators
  • Switch Statements in PHP
  • Loop (For loop, While loop, Foreach Loop)
  • Defining Functions
  • Function Parameters
  • Return values from Functions
  • Global Variable and Scope
  • Newer way of creating a constant
  • POST and GET Method
  • Checking for Form Submission
  • Extracting information from Form fields
  • Validating the Form values
  • Submission of Form values
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Introduction to Tables and Fields
  • Introduction to PHPmyadmin
  • Creating a Database in PHPmyadmin
  • Creating Tables in PHPmyadmin
  • Connecting to the Database using PHP
  • Creating Records into the database table with PHP
  • Reading information in the Database with PHP
  • Query to Update and Delete Records from database table with PHP
  • User Registration
  • PHP Security (MYSQL injection – how to prevent it)
  • Password Encryption
  • Create Folders and upload files from Forms PHP
  • PHP Mail Function
  • User Login and Sessions
  • Viewing Record(s) from Database tables to web page in PHP